Corporate Profile

Company Name: The NPS Management Institute, Inc.
@@@(MIP is the Japanese legal abbreviated corporate name)
Head Office: 7-14-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Purpose: Administrating the NPS Kenkyukai
CEO: Joe Kawasaki, President and Managing Director
Founded in: 6th October, 1981
Capital: JPY 352,610,000.
Share Holders: 40 NPS Research Society Members and Toyota Motors
Employees: 20 Employees (including 14 "Kaizen" Practicing Officers)

The Board Members@as of 7 June 2017

The Directors

Mikiya KINOSHITA Chairman of the Board
Joe KAWASAKI President and Managing Director
Tatsuya SHIMAZAKI Chief NPS Practicing Officer
Yumiko KUROSAWA NPS Promoting Manager
Kazuhito ISHIZUKA NPS Practicing Officer

The Outside Directors

Shuzo KAIHORI Chairman of Yokogawa Electric Corp.
Kaoru ITO CEO of Shizuki Electric Corp.
Yasuyuki HOTTA CEO of Kitz Corp.
Hirobumi SUGATA CEO of Teral Corp.
Nagahiro YAMAZAKI CEO of Taiyo Kagaku Corp.
Mitsutaka YOSHII CEO of Bando Kagaku Corp.
Takashi SHODA CEO of Shoda Shoyu Co.
Atsushi NAGAI CEO of Sintokogio Limited
Toshiya NOZAWA CEO of Nozawa Corp.
Yasunari MITSUI CEO of Mitsui High-tec Corp.

The Auditors

Kazuhide YONEHAMA Chairman of Ringer-Hut Corp.
Kyoichi INOUE CEO of Clean-up Corp.
Haruo MAKI CEO of Iwatsuka Confectionery Co.
Osamu KUYAMA CEO of Yoga Precision Co.
Kohei GOTO Chairman of Sanko Co.
Shinichiro ISHIKAWA CEO of Ishikawa Gasket Co.

Supreme Adviser

Nanpachi HAYASHI Adviser of Toyota Motors Co.

Honourary Adviser

Masato HOASHI Chairman & CEO of Kibun Foods Co.

Senior Advisers

Kosuke IKEBUCHI Corporate Adviser of Toyota Motors Co.
Isao UCHIDA Supreme Adviser of Yokogawa Electric Corp.
Yusuke SHIMIZU Supreme Adviser of Kitz Corp.
Morio UENO Chairman of Pronexus Corp.